{20bis20} Update: Minus 10 kilos and why I always have a packet of butter in the fridge to lose weight.

So - Tusch! Exactly three months after the start of my weight loss project 20bis20 it just happened on the scales in the morning: I lost 10 kilos. Although - if I just read that through now, that somehow sounds like a spontaneous and surprising event. Maybe that's because of the "just so lost"? Of course, the various pounds were not accidentally dropped overnight. It would be nice! The opposite is the case: I literally saved them from the hip in a controlled process by stringent calorie counting. Every day a little bit. So it was foreseeable that it would eventually come to that. But when the crucial number appears in the room (or on the lovely glowing display of the scales), it's surprisingly large and overwhelming. I lost about e-h-n kilos. Let's take a little time for a little joyful dance ... done. Thank you.

How the hell do you lose 10 kilos in three months?

For those who have not read from the beginning and are wondering now - here is the summary of my weight loss program: I feed my body with less energy than it consumes and lose weight. At least three times a day I eat the right amount of food in the largest possible portions (I hate it when there is nothing on the plate!) And make sure that my calorie intake reaches between 1,300 and 1,500 calories a day. I do not do sports, but I move more consciously in everyday life and try every day to at least 10,000 steps to come. As a result of the reduced calorie intake and the additional exercise, I can achieve a deficit of 1,000 calories per day. In seven days I save 7,000 calories - which corresponds to a decrease of 1 kilo of fat. That's it.

If you're checking your food for calorie content and you do not want to eat any substitute or dietary products, you'll automatically end up eating a reasonably healthy diet: the salad and vegetable portions will be clear bigger, fatty meat and sausages are less and sweets, cakes, particles and alcohol occur only in small quantities. In principle, of course, you can eat and drink everything. No food is forbidden - this gives maximum flexibility and freedom. But before I waste a large chunk of my daily calorie quota on a surprisingly small chocolate bar, I'd rather eat a full plate of delicious hot food in the evening. It makes me much happier.

Does that sound disgusting? Certainly. But do not worry - of course I also have my moments slobbering my nose on some showcase with food flattening. My biggest temptation at the moment is cinnamon buns. Warm, fluffy, sweet, thick cinnamon rolls ... with hail sugar on top. Unfortunately, I have recently discovered a new coffee house chain in our area. And they are delicious! From where I know this? Because I ate one. The man said that I should finally stop squeezing around in front of the cake counter and buy something like that. I did that too. And it was great. But of course that's just an exception at the moment. Unless, in the evening, I only want to eat a plate of green salad with a fat-free dressing. And I really do not want to.

Living with the inner bastard and keeping the fun of eating right

Is it totally easy, always and to constantly have the will and the discipline to follow the weight loss course? Nope, of course not. The inner bastard does not suddenly dissipate, but unobtrusively dozing in his hut and waiting for his next mission. And temptations lurk everywhere. Is not there more of these wonderful cinnamon rolls right in front of you ...? Seat! Space!I have chosen for the breakfast and lunch calorie-optimized combinations that taste really good and me fun (and fed up!) Make. And now I always buy and eat without having to think about it again and again. In the morning there is a large wholemeal toast with butter and raw ham or egg, plus a lot of cucumber with delicious seasoning salt and yogurt - for a total of 300 calories. For lunch I usually eat a really big bowl of fast Asian soup with lots of vegetables, pasta, some meat or tofu - for about 350 calories. In the afternoon there is quark with a spoonful of good jam for 150 calories. And then in the evening an ever-varying hot meal for the whole family.

In principle, I only have to worry about dinner. Steak with potato salad is a great classic. The family also loves vegetable pans, fast chinese wok dishes, potatoes with spinach and fried eggs, and especially the quick onion sambal chicken with basmati rice.

I know that for many People work well - but a protein shake as lunch does not make me happy personally. I love real food and real food with a natural taste. That's why I avoid as well as all heavily processed foods, which with flavors, various sugars and other funny tricks only one thing to worry about: that we want even more of it if possible.

The best trick for one persistent motivation: make it visible! And always have a packet of butter in the fridge.

When the waistband no longer jams between the second and third abdominal folds, but suddenly slips on the hip - those moments are just incredibly good. Something you can watch the whole day again and again. Pull up - let slip. Pull up - let slip. Great! The confirmation that you really have it completely in your hands and that losing weight works, releases a lot of positive energy. Since you clean even the long overdue bathroom with links and still retains exceptionally good mood. But of course there are not only big moments of triumph. I also want to overcome the fat spells.

I am a person who derives his motivation from good results. That's why it works best for me if I make partial results and the positive course of a (longer) project clearly visible and thus tangible. About the avoidance of frustration by heavy weight fluctuations and my motivation by daily weighing with weight curve and I have already written.

But if after two or three weeks plan compliance still virtually nothing happened, of course, with me also the mood something in the knees. Now. The body works after a millennia-old program and can wonderfully reduce its reserves. But he is not a calibrated machine. Sometimes he just needs a little more time. Or store water for about twelve thousand reasons. I know that in my head. But my feeling screams: Mimimimi - now I have not eaten extra cinnamon buns for weeks and lost only 200 grams . So unfair! Motivation in the cellar. Universe, we need to talk.

Before the slumbering bastard can lift his head in such a faint moment, I go to the kitchen to the fridge and get out a packet of butter. A package of real butter - 250 g - consists of over 90% pure fat. And then I look at this amazingly big piece of pure fat. I weigh it in my hand, feel how hard it is and what its size. This amount of fat has recently disappeared from my body due to my use.The Butter package helps me to realize how much my body is actually doing. And appreciate how great this performance really is. If I need a lot of good humor, I imagine how much fat my body has lost so far: namely the 40 packets of butter. Is not that just unbelievable?

Incidentally, I love butter a lot and eat it regularly as well. Mostly pasture butter from cows with a high proportion of green fodder - which has a lot of the good omega-3. And: with olive oil bottles the visualization somehow does not go so well. I love packages.

What are you doing to motivate and not fall for the inner bastard at every opportunity? I'm looking forward to it!

Up to 10 kilos!

Take it easy and have it tasty